Friday, November 24, 2006

The Day After

For those of you who remember that far back, "The Day After" was a movie about nuclear war. Mostly about what happens afterward.

For many of us, Thanksgiving was a dietary war, that we likely lost, to some degree. Today is our Day After.

However, rather than merely survive the aftermath, I mean to pick up where I left off on Wednesday. Back to working out, back to healthy eating, and thankful for my day with the family, yesterday.

In the movie, "The Day After," they show the futility of nuclear war. Life, in general, is pretty much over. What's left is a horrible existance, filled with violence, death, and suffering.

My Day After looks back at the lessons of yesterday:

Food is good, but it can be overdone. Obviously, we know this. But, I'd forgotten how uncomfortably full I can get! Thankfully, it was on far less food than I might have eaten in past years. Ah, the glory of Thanksgiving, 1992 (22lb turkey, guests called in sick...).

Not all old people are hard of hearing.

Not only that, some old people are in better shape than people years younger (when asked her secret (the oldster), she said "I eat normal food and exercise." Wise words...

I like my family.

My kids are very polite, even when faced with strange questions from old people. My 8 year old son, the walking encyclopedia of animal facts, didn't even correct the oldster when she claimed that woodpeckers are boring holes to store their acorns. He merely nodded.

That's about it.

You might think it ironic that "TheDay After" is on SciFi tonight. There's no irony here. That's what gave me the idea for my post. 8pm PST, here in Torrance, CA. Check it out, if you want to go to bed depressed. Go for "Alien Nation," instead. It's on channel FMC, whatever that is...

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