Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Big Calcium "Problem"

The other day, came across a "calcium intake tracking" form. It was torn out of a magazine. In short, it was an advertisement for some fitness drink that now has added calcium. Propel, I think. I don't think calcium is bad. Go ahead and try to get more of it. But, taking more in is like spraying the edges of the fire and not bothering to turn off the gas line that's feeding it. You're just holding it back. Turn off the gas!

Most of us get all the calcium we need. Then we eat the wrong foods (acids) and force our bodies to release the phosphorus (base) from our bones and muscle tissue to balance things out so we don't die of blood acidosis. Then, the resulting calcium gets flushed down the toilet in our urine.

Covering Nutritional Bases: The Importance of Acid-Base Balance

The article covers the particulars of the Acid/Base balance issue. Get ready to eat more veggies and less starchy carbs. Or, if you insist on the starchies, eat up those veggies x 2 and don't stop.

For more info on this and all sorts of other important dietary issues, check out the highly recommended "The Paleo Diet For Athletes." It's a lot like the Paleo Diet, but the good Dr. seems to have lightened up a bit. Plus, he tells you what you can do to go ahead and eat those starchy carbs that the cavemen never had a chance to eat (it's called exercise). A great book, for this and all other sources of dietary info.

Acid/Base Calculator -- difficult to use, but interesting to check out the different foods.

Excess Dietary Protein Can Adversely Affect Bone -- Another study/abstract. From The Journal Of Nutrition. Eating a lot of protein? I am. Even more reason to eat those veggies.

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