Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Realization

What did I realize? Things don't have to be so bad. I don't have to be lonely.

A rash of retirement parties and after hours get-togethers has reminded me that I have plenty of friends at work. But, just like college and work (before marriage), most of my friends are women. I'm good with that.

I've found myself hanging out with the groups of women at the parties. How can that be bad? The only guy in a group of women.

Not that I don't get along well with guys, but for some reason it's easier to stick with the women.

Maybe it's the aversion to watching and talking about sports? My passion for cooking?

Now, if I get the group to include more women that liked to lift, mountain bike ride, and talk about science fiction, I'd be set. Good looking would be a plus, as well. Baby steps...

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