Sunday, January 14, 2007


It's been a while. Sometimes I've got nothing. I've been a little down. Down and busy.

Had a good day with my Son on friday, while my girl went off to a concert with her Mom and some friends. Fished a bit. Fed ducks. Watched Pokemon. Too much Pokemon.

I had sort of a nice weekend, hanging out and just playing things by ear. Saw a movie (Children of Men). It was excellent. Sand Challenge, this morning. Sat back and relaxed with a cup of coffee and a magazine, afterwards. Then, later, my mood changed. Started feeling down and lonely. Got ready and went to the gym.

The gym was cold. I had no sweats because the gym is never cold. No matter how hard I worked, I never really warmed up. I kept wanting to stop the workout. I felt pretty strong and was able to lift more than I normally do, but it was unsatisfying. Usually, the workout breezes by. It dragged on, today.

On top of the "dragging on," I knew that my leg stuff was all higher rep stuff. I just didn't have that in me. So, I just dropped the plan and did some heavier leg stuff. No biggie. It was primarily an upper body day, anyway.

I feel fat, too. Too many invites to too many gatherings with too many treats. I originally planned to nip that in the bud, starting tomorrow. But, I've already started. What's the point of waiting? I ate tonight, but it was all good and not too much of it, either.

Tomorrow's a new day.

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