Sunday, February 25, 2007

Whole Foods Ramble

Not about Whole Foods. That's just where I am sitting, resting, eating, and writing.

Yogurt. I got hungry and needed some food. The downside to Whole Foods is that they carry nothing with artificial sweetener. All the yogurt has sugar, syrup, honey, etc. Except plain. I don't really like plain, but I bit the bullet. I bought a peach and ate the yogurt. Plain's not so bad. Continental Nonfat. It even tasted like it had fat in it.

People. A guy comes in and sits at the table opposite me. He is waiting for something. He just sits there. No reading. No eating. No sleeping. Just sitting there. Looking at the space in front of him. Just past that space, is me. It's uncomfortable. Also, it reminds me of Putty, on Seinfeld. Putty sits in his airplane seat and does absolutely nothing but gaze at a seatback for the whole flight.

Coffee. Whole Foods has good coffee. Used to be, you had refills when you get it "for here."

One day, Security Bob comes up as I'm sitting down after I get my refill and asks "Did you pay for that?"


"Okay, cuz you only get one refill."

"I didn't know it was one, but this is my only refill, so I'm okay."

He rolls his eyes and leaves.

Three weeks pass. Security Bob comes up as I'm sitting down after I get my refill and asks "Did you pay for that?"


"I saw you not pay for it," he says.

"This is the refill."

"They don't do refills." Bob scowls.

"What do you mean?"

"That was a while ago. No refills. You have to go pay for that." He stands there.

I apologize and tell him that I'll go pay in a minute. He shakes his head. "Now." What an ass.

Peach. That peach that I ate with the yogurt? $1.58. How can one peach be worth $1.58?


  1. Was it a Giant Peach?

    Oh and I would have definitely F'd with Security Bob (is his name really Bob?) Now! It would have been a while before I would have paid.

  2. leave Whole Food behind

    eat regular food

    don't worry

    be happy!

    Liked the story, BTW

  3. Well, Security Bob MIGHT be named Bob. Unlikely...

  4. Robin,

    I like Whole Foods for their coffee and free WiFi.

    I don't really shop there, except for the occasional bulk item, coffee, and beer. The rest is too expensive and/or LESS healthy than similar foods at other places. It all depends on what a person considers healthy, right?


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