Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hazy Saturday

Sand Challenge and Beach Cleanup done. I kicked ass. I was in the top three, at least. One bastard effortlessly longjumped right past my lead. Only a few inches, but he just did it. I had to work hard to get that far.

I ate it on one dune. I'm uncomfortable sandy.

On the cleanup, I found:

• 1 squash, whole
• 100s of tiny ziplocks
• 1 larger baggy of questionable content

Too hazy for beaching it. But, I forgot my wallet. The $1.87 in my ashtray isn't quite enough for a fun morning on 2nd street. Home it is.

It's 11:20, but I still haven't decided on my plan. The relatives sounded tired and zonked when I called. Maybe another time...

Blogged via Blackberry, where backspacing is more trouble than it's worth. Please forgive any typos.

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