Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Drive Time

It's a good thing I love driving, because there's been plenty lately. More to come.

Work's been simply crazy with zig-zagging across Orange County from one client to another, only to often head back to the first at the end of the day! Luckily the weather's been good enough for the top to be down.

Tomorrow, it's down to San Diego for a pretty full day. Luckily, I love the gyms down there. I have the best workouts in San Diego 24 Hour Fitness. Maybe it's the change of scenery?

A combination of guilt about work and a desire to not train for it has caused me to abandon the 7 hour drive up and back, just to run a 10k at 8,000 feet. I don't feel all that guilty about it and I justify it by knowing that my coworker now gets to take Friday off to do something important with his kids, rather than work while I drove to Reno.

Instead, I will take a shorter drive to visit some relatives and relax. Road trip starts after the Sand Challenge on Saturday, after which I'll head to Cuyucas and the relatives for the night. On the way back, it's a stop in Santa Barbara at my sister's place.

I love to drive, but it's weird to dread a beautiful drive for work and look forward to a similar drive on the weekend. It's not even the destination. Sometimes I just drive on the weekend, and stop wherever I like. No destination, but still fun. How long 'til Friday?


  1. That's so cool that you like driving. At least on the weekend.

    Does your mileage compensation change any with the higher gas prices?

  2. Yes and no. If my car was newer, I'd be in the Auto Equity program and the mileage reimbursement adjusts. I have a car just old enough to be out of the program, so I get flat mileage. I can write the extra off (hurray?)...

  3. I'm disappointed. You doing the mountain challenge was my chance to live vicariously through you! Keep your eyes open for this sort of stuff. When I get back to the states we can get a group together and go through one of these.


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