Friday, May 11, 2007

Our Food Focused Lives

We are a nation, a world, a people obsessed with food. I certainly am. It's a constant struggle to not eat more and more. More and more good, good food.

We need food, but we need so many other things, too. But, I don't know anyone obsessed with air, for instance.

This weird obsession takes so many different directions. The recent Baskin Robbin's Anniversary highlights this obsession.

On May 2nd, Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors offered scoops for a mere 31 cents. That's quite a deal. I watched people line up in a huge line. It was a really long line. Really long. All to save how much? A buck or so?

Really, how much does a scoop cost on May 3rd, when the line is shorter? Splurge, already.

I could almost understand the mentality if the people were truly celebrating the anniversary, but they were just getting the scoops and leaving. They didn't look any happier than normal.

One guy pulled up in his car and called out "Are you limited to one scoop each?" No, apparently. So, he parked and got in line. 35 minutes later, he was somewhere near the front, about to be saving around two bucks (he's not limited to just one scoop, after all).

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  1. Lord knows, I think about food a lot. Sometimes, I wonder if Jack LaLanne was on target with his "if it tastes good, spit it out" advise. Don't know if I'd ever have the disipline to try that route, but I wonder if it would be a worth a shot.


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