Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Casino Royale

I've watched it twice in just a few days. I really liked this movie.

It falls into my favorite category of movies: Guys that aren't perfect, yet have honor and bravery. They aren't always great at the micro level, but they put the macro above themselves. Plus, they have to have passion.

Eva Green is very pretty, if a bit too thin and frail. She's fine, I suppose. I can set aside my disdain for scrawny women long enough to get into the moment of the movie. As Vesper Lynd, she is pretty, after all. And, smart. And, bold. And, sharp witted. It all adds up.

"I can't resist waking you. Every time I do you look at me as if you hadn't seen me in years. Makes me feel reborn."

-- Vesper Lynd

I love that part. That one line. She says it, but it's really him and his passion that drives it.

That's what I want: That feeling. Every man should have a woman who they find themselves looking at like that.

Every woman should be adored. And, feel it. Know it.

Only time will tell if I watch this one as much as Gladiator, Last of the Mohicans, Casablanca, and Raiders of the Lost Ark, but so far, I like it. I keep going over parts of it in my head. Great lines. Great moments. Best Bond movie in years.

But, it also seems to be a new category of Bond movies. Like Batman Begins, hopefully this one starts the movie slate clean. I'd like to see the books and stories again. Fresh and more bold, manly, and robust. James Bond started out great, years ago, then took a nose dive into campy adventure that I could easily forget, if we could move on with this new James Bond.

The combination of Daniel Craig and the writing style of this movie, brings us a grittier, bolder James Bond, who's far more flawed, vulnerable, passionate, and powerful than than the ones of the recent past. Thank God.

Of course, with power comes responsibility...

"If the only thing left of you was your smile and your little finger, you'd still be more of a man than anyone I've ever known."

"That's because you know what I can do with my little finger..."

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  1. I agree totally -- it was time for Bond to be human again, flaws and all.

    And thanks for the reminder on Gladiator. Haven't seen it in a while but will set aside some time for a viewing this week.


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