Thursday, July 5, 2007

Today's The Day

Moving back to Rancho Santa Margarita. Condo on the "lake," no furniture, no dishes, two kids for 10 days, and a shitload of fun to be had.

But, the kids don't care what's there and what's not. I'll get my stuff out of storage once they're up with their Mom. Do some decorating. Redo their rooms a bit, so they have something nice to look forward to. A mixture of old and new.

In the meantime, we'll be seeing Transformers and hitting Wild Rivers for some water slides. The beach once, and then off on a whirlwind relatives tour up the coast, until I drop them off at their new house. Should be a nice drive, and the kids are very excited that I'm going to see where they live and check out their rooms. I'm excited, too.

I talked to my Dad (my roomie) about my move (we've talked about it before...) and he was surprised. I don't like that. He just doesn't seem to comprehend things. They don't sink in. And, he's hard of hearing...

I broached the subject of his moving into a "retirement community." He was open to it. Said he'd considered it, even. Good news. Now, I just have to talk to my siblings and get their support for this. He could move to one of four locations. Santa Barbara, Albuquerque, Chicago, or Rancho (where I'm headed). His eyes lit up at Chicago and he couldn't stop singing it's praises. Gotta see how my brother feels about that...


  1. Good luck with the move in and with your dad. My parents are reaching that stage and it's hard. They aren't ready to admit it and I don't know if my siblings and I are either.

  2. So are you moving out for 10 days, or are your kids going to be there for 10 days?

    Either way it sounds pretty cool and exciting!

  3. Your own digs? Wow. I hope it doesn't cut into your fitness travel budget.


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