Sunday, July 29, 2007

more and more unpacking

I now consider myself actually moved in. Lots of boxes moved. Several unpacked.

This place has more closet space than I'll ever need, but is sadly lacking in kitchen storage space. Luckily, I'm not much for dry goods, but I have a lot of cooking stuff and not so many places to put it.

The kitchen cabinets are weird. Tiny little cabinet doors, leading to deep cupboards, so you can't really see what in them. Or get to the things you put in there. Is it lame to list out what's in the damn things on some sort of inventory sheet? Seems OCD, but I see no solution to this hidden space issue.

Instead of important things, I focused on trivial things. Hung my candelabra over the table. Lit it up. Had dinner.

Found a great spot for my dart board. There's never a good place, but this place is great! I'll post pics of it when the "build out" is done. I missed my darts. I used to be really, really good (I once destroyed to OC regional champion in a singles match, knocking the ass-wipe out of the Southern California race, then going on to be destroyed myself. It was so worth it, even though I didn't even win the comp for that night.).

Lots of little things bug me. All the counter tops are cheesy. I can fix that pretty easily, but the cabinets in the kitchen are freaking ugly. And cheap laminate, so I can't just change out the doors or remove them. This will be annoying for some time... (edit: I looked more closely, the cabinets aren't anything special, but they are solid wood. I could paint them and add new doors and drawer fronts.)

Bathrooms are so basic it's ridiculous. This will be work. I'm going to build a basin stand from a dresser, I think. I'd love a pedestal, but there's simply no storage nearby. At least the toilets are nice and new.

The sliders have cheap verticals. They look okay from a distance, but I don't like verticals much, even when they are nice ones.

The previous owner loved ceiling fans. I don't. At least they are nice and simple ones. Modern, not country. I removed the one in the dining room.

I don't like brass. All brass has been removed, leaving one brass hanging lamp over the entry. Gotta replace that with an iron one. Anyone have a ladder I can borrow?


I love the carpet and the tile, and the loft has a wood floor.

The ceilings are high.

The windows all have nice wooden blinds. Cool enough.

My wireless reaches all the way out to the lakeside, so I can sit out there if I want to.

I can walk to the store, restaurant, cigar shop, Starbucks, and the doughnut shop. I can smell them doughnuts cooking, right now! Damn.

There's a 1.1 mile path around the lake, a playground with chinup potential, and an awesome hill for sprints. There are kayaks and canoes to rent. Dollar an hour. No excuses, huh?

I love the sound of the birds when I wake up. Too bad they're mostly ducks. And geese. The Canadian variety. Why are they here in the summer? This is south for the winter for them. Oh, well. Still cool.

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  1. Sounds awesome!

    Regarding the hidden kitches cabinet space, maybe you could just put general labels on each section. Although with your low-carb lifestyle, I'm not sure how many dry goods you'll have anyway. Wouldn't most of it be refrigerated?


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