Monday, August 6, 2007

getting there...

Lots of unpacking and organizing. Then taking half the crap back down again, once I realize that I don't need that "thing" up here. I've had a lot of crap in storage, and when you look at the box, you think "yes. I need that upstairs." Only I don't. So, it's back to the garage, and in many cases going to be donated to charity.

On another note, it's been great to have a house with no junk food (or non-junk food that I'd overindulge in). I have to walk or drive for a treat, so it really makes you aware of what you're doing. I wanted ice cream all day yesterday, but I'd have to walk for it. I did get some, but it was after my workout, so that worked out well. At least it made sure I'd workout, right?

Off to work.


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