Thursday, August 9, 2007

a room or two "finished," touch up paint , cigars, and a ceiling fan possessed!

A Room Or Two

I got the living room, dining room, and kitchen livable. The kitchen's nothing to write home about, but here are a few shots of the other rooms.

Here's the living room, as you enter the condo...

Looking toward the mantle. It's small, so I couldn't step back too far to get a great shot.

Here's the dining room. Yes, that's a very low table. We're a family of floor sitters. Big floor pillows and no chairs.

I have plans for an actual table, but until then, I'll just serve a lot of Chinese and Japanese food to my guests...

Touch Up Paint

The place has eight cans of paint. 6 of them are white. Each is a custom color of white. No clue which is for which room. They all look alike until you dab them on the wall to cover the spackled nail holes. Damn.

Do yourself and your future new owners a favor and write the room on the damn paint can!

The worst part is that the master bedroom has a really cool paint color. Oatmeal or Lazy Autumn Day. Some lame name like that. There are two cans of paint that are close, but no cigar. I have to paint the whole room now, because I spackled A LOT of nail holes. Like 30 of them.


Speaking of cigars. Got my humidors out of the boxes and primed. And, now there's a major shipment on it's way! Punch Rothchilds (maduro), La Finca Coronas (natural), and Hoyo de Monterey (EMS). Can't wait.

The Possessed Ceiling Fan

This is a really boring story. Please don't read it.

I've complained about the ceiling fans before. I don't care for fans! There's on in my girl's room, and she likes it. So, it's staying. There's one in the living room, but it's high and mostly out of sight. It's okay, I guess.

The problem child is in the master bedroom. Standard height ceilings and ceiling fan over bed don't mix for me. Too close. Plus, it's just always in my line of sight. I knew that someday it was out of here.

The other night, I go into the room after watching a DVD (Firefly). The fan is on and so is it's light. Very dim, too. I didn't dim it and I didn't turn it on. The buttons on the remote won't do squat. It's stuck on. Crap. I'm tired and I need this thing turned off!

After about thirty minutes of fiddling with reprogramming other remotes and experimenting with random button presses, I finally get the thing to turn off. I don't know how. It was a random press of the "fan reverse" button that turned off the light. A press of the "program temp" button made the fan reverse. A second press and it stopped. I vowed to remove the fan the next day, and did.

I bought a replacement ceiling light for the room, pulled the fan, and installed the light. Shockingly, I find that there's no wall switch for this thing. The fan was wired up, but relied solely on the wireless remote for controls. Crap. I unhook the new light that's now "always on." Now, there's a hole.

I don't care if there's a light or not. I just don't want a hole. Not there, anyway. I'm not much of a drywaller, either. I've tried. You can totally see every patch I've ever done in a wall. Not pretty.

I head back to Lowes to ask if there's some sort of wireless remote light switch I can hook up. Nope. Only for fans (they are built in to the fans, though). I'm about ready to reinstall the light and just leave it unhooked to cover the hole. Better than a hole, I suppose. But, then I spot those lamps that are meant to be attached underneath the fans! They have pull chains. There's one that looks like a true, normal ceiling lamp. And, according to the box, it can be attached flush to the ceiling, not requiring a fan. It's even got a finial looking thing on the short pull chain. Sold.

Not perfect, but better than feeling like I'm ducking under a helicopter rotor. The previous owners must have been short. Or, at least not 6'1"

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