Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fitness Platitudes: Part Two

A long while back, I wrote about disliking that people tell the obese to "just move," and also not to use the word "diet." If you're bored, it's here. In the meantime, there are plenty more things that bug (I might have a list).

He's ticked 'cuz after working so hard, he
found out all he really had to do was "move."

No one ever got fat from eating fruit

That's todays bitch. "No one ever got fat from eating fruit." Sure, I guess it's sort of true. But, no one got fat from eating steak, or drinking milk, or eating sugar out of the sugar bowl, either. Basically, it's too many calories that cause weight gain, not any one item. Nor is any one item a purely "safe" food (I'll admit it's hard to overeat things like celery or spinach).

It's the calories. If you're maintaining your weight at 2,000 calories a day, and decide to eat that, plus some apples, you'll gain weight. So, was it the apples?

If you want to argue that apples are a food that you should include in your diet, then teach people how to fit the calories into their diet.

There is a good anecdote about fruit and dieting that I do like. It involves a Weight Watchers meeting where one woman is obsessing on the number of grapes that she can eat for x number of points. The WW councilor answered with "Ladies, none of us is here from eating too many grapes."

That's all I got for now.

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  1. Saw on your profile that one of your favorite bands is RUSH.
    Good for you! I grew up in Toronto, have seen RUSH 3 times and still have a soft spot for 'em!
    Nice blog, too!


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