Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm outta here

Flying to Little Rock for the JPFitness Summit '08.

I love to fly. I even love layovers.

You know how some people only dance at weddings? I only meet people at airports. It's at the gates where I meet them, but only when it's not the final leg home.

I almost wrote 'strangely' in there. Like 'strangely not on the final leg.' But it's really not so strange. When you're not going home, you're more free. When you know you might see these people again, you're right back to normal.

Later! Boarding time...


  1. Sometimes I cruise through airports and flights hardly saying a word to anyone, and yet I've had some of the most fascinating conversations ever during flights or at airports.

    Have fun at the Summit.

  2. You should really talk to people more often. They'd like you.


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