Monday, May 26, 2008

Waffle Cake, Cake Waffles, whatever... Damn good!

My kids and I celebrated birthdays a few days early since I'll be out of town next weekend. Allie's is Friday and mine is Saturday. So Monday seemed like the best time to live it up.

Peddle boats at the RSM lake.

Those might be air quotes. Not sure.

After boating (which included some fishing for the boy), we had some delicious and nutritious In-N-Out Burgers before heading home to waffle cake.

Waffle cake, cake waffles, doesn't matter. They are simply waffles made from cake batter, then spread with frosting. I have no pictures, but they look just like waffles. ...with cake frosting spread on top... Delicious.

We unwrapped presents and spent quite a while playing Al's new Guitar Hero for the Wii.

I got a homemade mix CD from the girl. She put all these great songs on there - Moonshadow, So Far Away, Cat's In The Cradle, Horse With No Name, Too Late, American Pie, and Time In A Bottle.

She also deviously sandwiched two of my most hated songs into the mix -- The Who's Pinball Wizard and James Blunt's You're Beautiful. She was laughing hard when those songs came on. But, just you wait, Allie... Someday you'll get married. ..and I'll have a little chat with that DJ.

1 comment:

  1. Great day!

    I can sing the James Blunt song to you for your BD on Saturday. I'm sure it wouldn't be weird or anything.


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