Monday, May 19, 2008

My Cats, Part Two -- F'ing Cats!


Won't shut up when I'm on the phone. Silent at all other times.
Drinks my leftover booze outta the glass. Dips his pay down in and licks it off. Once, he got sorta drunk.
Loves to bring ALL the beanie babies out and spread them around the house. Every. Fricking. Day.


Opens the bathroom door if you don't lock it. Yes, she actually turns the damn nob!
Opens the sliding screen doors to get outside if you don't latch them.
Shreds paper. Only crisp, new paper. Like a resume or my daughter's homework.


At least one of them knows how to turn on the ceiling fans. Talk about annoying.


  1. Hey, I like cats, but I'm often reminded of a t-shirt message I once spotted:
    "Dog is man's best friend. Man is cat's best friend."

  2. Cats know how to annoy the owner to get what they want. My mom's cat would rattle the door on the hinges to be let in the room. I applied foam weather stripping to silence that, so he started to rattle the knob.

  3. Really? This isn't a joke? Fun! I miss having a cat with a personality. My current cat thinks he is a cat and acts like a cat.

  4. No, Erika. No joke.

    Jack sometimes gets mesmerized by the fan, too. He'll sit underneath it, and watch one blade go round and round. Pretty soon he's dizzy.

    Since the fan's on daily and I've seen it multiple times, I'm thinking he does this for fun, like a kid spinning and then falling onto his back to watch the world spin.

  5. Gotta love 'em though! Even when you are awakened at 6AM by the plucking of a sharp claw...


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