Monday, June 9, 2008

Toddy Coffee Update.

I've been making iced and hot coffee with the toddy "syrup."

Unlike drip coffee, the stronger I make this, the better. I end up using more water in the final cup, which is good when making one cup of hot coffee. That way I don't have to nuke the cup, because the hot water is hot enough to make the perfect cup.

You can't do the same with drip. with too strong a brew, it's bitter. Toddy coffee is just stronger and still smooth. Very nice

Current batch is 10 scoops medium roast, 4 cups water. Came out great. I think I'll try even stronger, next time. Super concentrated might be the way to go. We'll see!

Edit -- Clarification on things.

"Toddy coffee" is coffee made using the toddy process. Steeping coarsely ground beans in cool water for many hours and then filtering it into a strong concentrate. You use it and hot or cold water to make iced or hot coffee.

You can use any coffee for making toddy coffee, as long as you like the taste. If you like acidic coffee, this isn't your thing. Toddy coffee comes out very smooth.

Here's a blog I did on it a while back. Iced Coffee


  1. So, where do you buy "toddy coffee"?

    I noticed that "two pulls and your done" senario the other day. My conclusion is the ice takes up too much space.

  2. RW, I updated the blog post for the comments.

    When I drink iced coffee at home, the glass lasts longer, since I'm doing other things. Sipping iced coffee at Starbucks lasts two minutes if I'm lucky.

  3. Gonna give this a try. Sun tea is so smooth compared to boiled tea. I'm excited to try your coffee. Thanks.

  4. Sorry for being slow. Thanks for the clarification.

  5. I hope it works for you girls!

    My latest batch was 20 scoops in a four cup mason jar. It came out strong, but it only takes 1/4 cup of the concentrate per small cup of coffee. This is good; hot, hot water and 1/4 cup of toddy coffee and it's still just too hot to sip. A splash of Half & half, and it's perfect. :D


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