Monday, October 20, 2008

Random Stuff

1.  I'm watching Ladyhawke for the umpteenth time.  I picked it up at Blockbuster before I hit Starbucks.  I get setup in Starbucks and update my queue, only to find that Ladyhawke was number one in my queue, so now it's being shipped.  In a few days, it'll be in my mailbox, so I'll have two copies.  This means I can watch it twice now!  Cool.

I was going to post a youtube clip, but there are no good ones.  See #2, below.

2.  What the hell's with youtube homages?  I was going to post a mere clip of Ladyhawke, but I was overwhelmed by homages to Ladyhawke.


Don't feel obligated to watch it.  It's bad.  There are worse, though.  Like one with a cover of Behind Blue Eyes as the backdrop.  Go ahead, click through to see more and more and more.  All of them set to music that might or might not have anything to do with the movie.  These people are so in love with love that they made their own musical little love story out of this movie's clips.  How sad and embarrassing.

What did these people do before youtube?  Collages?  Scrapbooks?  Paintings?  Poetry!  Not anymore.  Not when video is available! On, there are homages to everything.  Many of them have "restraining order" written all over them, but a lot of them have "I'm 35 and I live in my mother's basement" written on them, too.

3.  I saw at least three people picking their noses in on the freeway.  Not even tinted windows.  One girl was cute.  Hmm... If a pretty girl is picking her nose, is she still pretty?

5.  The internet is a blessing and a curse.  In some ways, a miracle.  My line of thinking goes like this -- it's a blessing because I've met many people and made so many friends that I could never have met locally.  It's a curse because sometimes it's painful to not be able to see those friends in their (or your own) time of need.  The internet is a miracle with a small "m."  ...and it has quotes around it.  It's a "miracle."

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, seems like times of need are abounding lately in my online network... and I feel pretty much useless to them.

    Haven't seen Ladyhawke in over 10 years.


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