Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stuff that doesn't matter

I'm brain dead, waiting for my car to be repaired.  Coffee at Starbucks and wishing there was a couch in here.  I'm soooo tired, so you get stuff of little importance.

Del Taco has the New Classic Taco on the menu.  Hmmm...  Which is it?  New or classic.

In the grocery store, you can buy six packs of bottles of Diet Coke and Pepsi.  In the olden days (like two years ago), they were 16oz.  One of them upped the ante to 20oz.  Pepsi kicked it up to 24oz.  Now, all of the sudden, all bottled sodas are 16.9oz.  Same price.  Screwed again.  ...and it happened too quickly to be mere competition.  Retooling takes time.  There was no time.  They all just did it.

Sometimes Firefox's spell check just stops doing it's thing.  You think you're good and you're not.  You have to misspell something on purpose, just to see if you've been screwed on the last ten things you wrote and sent already.

I hate when pedestrians stop at the very edge of the curb, like they are going to launch themselves into the crosswalk any second.  They make us stop for nothing.  Or, what if they slip?

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