Monday, October 27, 2008

A Little TOO Seemless

I couldn't believe how smoothly daylight savings time happened.  My PC, my phones, my DVR, etc. all changed automatically.  I will admit I was shocked that my car "knew" about the time change, but I'll take it.  Yeah.  I'm an idiot.  We'll see what happens next week, when the time actually changes.

On a vaguely related side note, the other day I wanted to go get lunch, and my daughter was taking her sweet time.  I go in and she's sitting on her bed next to her iPod clock radio.  It's not plugged in, but she's ready!

"It's noon in two minutes," she says.  "I'm moving the clock from over there, and 12:00 is the only time this will work."

Gotcha.  I guess I should buy her that backup battery so she doesn't have to live this way.


  1. Good to know that even kids get flummoxed by alarm clock settings.

    At least once a month I try to do something to the alarm and end up setting a Timer/Nap thing that I can't get to go away. Jamie wakes up to hear me smacking the clock around and then fixes it in five seconds. Of course the pushes the exact same buttons I've been pushing repeatedly for the last few minutes, but it won't work for me.

    So this weekend is DST? Dang... early darkness.

  2. Heavy sigh. I hate going back to standard time. I feel as if something has been stolen.


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