Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fashion Fiascos

I did a lot of walking today, because the weather was so nice.  70-75 and partly cloudy.  But, California is an odd place; here people sometimes wish it was colder, so they pretend.

I don't carry a camera around to take pictures of strangers anymore, so I found one on the interweb.  This picture is actually from Estonia (wherever that is), but today this guy would've fit right in around here.  Notice the scarf?  Brrrr.

Today I saw these combinations of ludicrous:

Shorts, scarf, canvas work jacket, sandals
Shorts, knit beanie, ski vest, thermal shirt, work boots
Shorts, ski cap (with ball), parka with furry hood, Converse high tops

There were more like those, too.

I also saw a guy with jeans, scarf, HUGE coat, and gloves.  He must have been dying in there.  I had shorts, a t-shirt, and athletic shoes.  I was carrying a long sleeve t-shirt, just in case.  I was fine.

He didn't look nice, either.  It wasn't like he had this awesome new outfit that he needed to show off.  He was an idiot.

Speaking of idiots...  I was talking on the phone this morning and apparently I said "The world is full of idiots."  I don't remember why I said it, but Allie repeated it to several people today, and used me as a reference.  Nice.  I told her that what I meant to say was "The world is full of people, and most of them are idiots."  Better.

Again, speaking of idiots...  I saw several women who were dressed nicely, while the male next to them was not.  That's simply irresponsible.  There's simply no excuse for it.  You have a responsibility to make sure that you are complimentarily complementarily* dressed if you're going to go out together.  If the girl is wearing something nice and put together, the guy needs to come close at least.  How hard is that?  So, please, stop slacking off, step up, and accept the responsibility that comes with dating a man.  Tell him to get the fuck back inside and put on some real clothes.  If you don't you're an idiot.

* just give this word to me, okay?


  1. I'll give you the word, but the second vowel should be an "e", not an "i".

    Just sayin'...

  2. damn... you appear to be correct. Still, neither version of the base word shows up as incorrect in the spellcheck. hmmm...

  3. The American version of English so didn't need this far as the matching girl/guy thing, it's just courteous to care.

  4. It's disgustable how we butcher English, isn't it?


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