Thursday, February 19, 2009


Debbie, I've got about 30 minutes left in today, February 19th, so I gotta hurry with the typing!

I've got nothing funny to share today. Instead, I share something that I'm thankful for (besides your grace in forgiving the classic "preposition at end of sentence").

I've said before that I'm thankful for the internet, and it's not just because of the girlfriend thing. We'll just call that a bonus.

In a nutshell, I'm thankful for the people who I've "met," who I'm sure I'd never have met without the internet. I'm not going to name names, since I don't want to exclude anybody important. ...or make the others feel squirmy.

Anyhow, Debbie, as an illustrious member of one of the groups of people previously mentioned, I'm happy to have exchanged comments with you, and hope we get the chance to meet someday. You're inspirational from a distance, and figure it's probably even better up close.

Perhaps I've been subconsciously effected by you, too. A few days ago, I downloaded a bunch of songs for my mp3 player. Tonight, I find that seven of them are on your blog playlist. An interesting mix you have there, and I do forgive you for the Nickelback, since you have more than enough Tull to make up for your transgression.

There aren't a lot of timely songs on our mutual list, so I pick a long time favorite that has no significance, other than we both like it.

It was really hard to pic a video, since Ian Anderson is such a freak, so I picked this lady, KarenEng, who inexplicably dances to a variety of songs, including Delta Dawn and Freebird.


  1. Hey there Roland!!! There is always one (latecomer) to the party to keep it happening way after bedtime!!! Welcome and thanks for joining the madness for our Debby...

    Nice to meet you - interesting blog here...


  2. Oooh, KarenEng. Another one of those precious internet friends I hope to meet one day.

    Yeah no.

  3. Oh, my gosh, Roland, I missed your post. Thank you so much. I was really touched by the kindness of everyone. It was a very memorable day.


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