Saturday, February 21, 2009

Not Good Enough For Its Own Blog Post #1

These things keep popping into my head, and since they aren't all that interesting, I'm just sticking them up and leaving them out there.

1.  When I was a kid, my brother and I would walk to the lapidary shop to buy stones.  Right next to the place, was H Salt Fish & Chips.  For a dime, you could get a whole tray of those batter drops that failed to attach to the fish and ended up floating in the oil, only to be fished out and saved for kids with dimes.  OMG good.

2.  We used to play One Eyed Car, where the object of the game was to spot cars with one burned out headlight.

   One Eyed Car

When you did, you yelled "one eyed car" and punched the other person's arm.  It's not as much fun anymore, since headlights don't burn out all the time like they used to.  However, the other day, I looked in the rear view mirror and saw THREE cars behind me, driving abreast (hehe), each with a light out.  Weird.

3.  Slug Bug was another game of cars and punching.  Whenever you saw a VW Beetle, you yelled "slug bug" and its color, and punched.  In this game's heyday, I went on a trip to Mexico.  Walking out of the airport, I spotted a blue bug and started hard.  BAM!  Another step outside, and I caught a view of the parking lot, where seven bazillion bugs were parked.  BAM on my arm.  BAM back.  BAMBAMBAM!  OMG!  BAM!  We put our hands up!  "Truce!" "Surrender!"  "I quit!"  The bug was like the only car they HAD there.

Slug Bug Blue!  Slug Bug White!  This one's a bonus!

Slug Bug was featured in some movie not too long ago. I can't remember which one, but google puts it at "3,000 Miles To Graceland," which I've never seen, os that's not it.  If you know the name of the movie that I did see, let me know.

New Bug

I am happy to report the return of the game of Slug Bug.  Since VW reincarnated (hehe) the bug, it's been open season in my family.

4.  You know those sink sprayers, attached to a hose next to your kitchen faucet?  If you take a rubber band and make sure that it's really, really tight over the trigger, then aim the nozzle in the general direction of where your victim will stand to turn on the water, it's pretty funny to watch.  Tony's idea, Allie's implimentation, my wet shirt.  This one just happened.



  1. Ha!

    And batter drops? Really? I guess they're probably good, but I've never had fried air beore.

  2. Yes it was good enough for its own blog post.


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