Saturday, October 3, 2009

Applesauce with Pear & Cardamom

Browning the apples in a little butter makes this better than anyone else's sauce.  The cardamom is just to rub it in...

Applesauce with Pear & Cardamom

1lb tart apples, such as Granny Smith
4 tbsp butter
1lb pear
cardamom -- ground seeds from 6 pods or 1 tsp ground cardamom
1 cup water

Peel, core, and cube the apples.  Over medium heat, melt the butter in a saucepan with a lid.  Add the apples to the butter and caramelize them, stirring occasionally.  By the way, don't caramelize the pears.  It doesn't go well.  Just the apples.

While the apples are cooking, peel, core, and cube the pears.  When the apples are browned, add the pears, cardamom, and water.  Cover and simmer for 30 minutes, until the apples and pears are easily broken with the spoon.

Remove from heat and mash the sauce.  I used a potato ricer, but you can use a blender, food processor, or even a potato masher, depending on what you have or how smooth you like your sauce.

Serve warm or chilled.

Makes about 2 cups

Nutrition (per half cup serving) -- 220 Calories, 12g Fat, 31g Carbs, 6g Fiber, 1g Protein

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