Monday, October 5, 2009

Baby Mine

I've always been partial to Dumbo. For some reason... There's a connection between our real life and animated souls.

Way back when (in the late 80s), there was a series of coincidences that brought Dumbo back to my attention (I used to hate the movie). The chain of events went something like this: There was a Christmas party where kids got a video of Dumbo. A day or so later, a radio station playing the Bonnie Raitt song in the first youtube clip below, but I couldn't tell who it was and they never said. Then a few days after that, my friend Paul gave me the tape, which he'd received as a gift and didn't like.

It's a sad movie, but it ends happily. Like Dumbo, I've grown into my ears. Not physically, but you know what I mean.

I haven't said much about my girlfriend on my blog. In the past, I've posted so much, directly or indirectly, about not having one that perhaps the blog silence is deafening.  Make no mistake.  She is it.  IT.  Yes, the it that people talk about when finally find it.

I've posted this clip (below) before.  It was when I left her back in Little Rock.  She had no clue, but I knew she could be IT for me someday.  I didn't want to leave.

Oh, just in case it's not clear by now, I didn't really miss that plane out of Little Rock. The flight was overbooked, but I had a seat and gave it up to stay behind for one more day.

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