Friday, December 4, 2009

Bulgarian Sophistication Paradox

Maybe it's not a paradox, but the dichotomy is a head scratcher, whatever you call it.

I haven't been there, just heard the rumors...

The county has parking meters that you pay via txt messages and credit card accounts.  If you're late getting back to the car, you txt it again.  Wow.

However, they don't have checks.  You have to go around to all the places and hand them cash for your bills.  Electric, gas, internet, phone.  Why you can't txt message your rent to your landlord is the big question.

You order a taxi and it txt messages you with an ETA, then again when it's outside.  Pretty sophisticated.

Then your dryer breaks and the guy will fix it next month.  He's busy.  He must be hanging with the internet repair guy, who's not coming to troubleshoot for another two weeks.

Hot water comes from some central plant somewhere in the city.  You can take as long a hot shower as you want, your hot water heater is like a bazillion gallons big.

Sometimes the hot water is just off.  Or, sometimes all water is just off.  No rerouting, it's just off.  For days or weeks.  That's okay, the water is brown anyway.  Sometimes.  Not always.  Once I saw something that could have been sand in the glass.  It probably should have been off that day.

Finally, they have mint toilet paper.  That's a positive and negative in one.  I'm sure it's quite refreshing on a hot day, yet devastating if you have the 'roids.

I can't wait to go someday. Seriously.

BTW, Bulgaria was the 6th county to put a man in space.  Good job, guys!

Something tells me they had the first mustache in space, too.


  1. No checks? That's interesting. Does the average person use a bank?

  2. Did the internet guy show up yet? I might be able to help troubleshoot your problem to some extent.

  3. Debby, they have banks, credit cards, atms, etc. Just no checks, and not all utilities and services accept online payments or credit card payments.

    Michael, Yep. He showed! :D


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