Friday, May 21, 2010

It's freezing in Starbucks #4 - updated

I had a nice talk with a Customer Service Rep about the temperature in the stores.  He laughed when I mentioned the "temp is controlled from Seattle" claim.  He says he hears that one all the time.  Translation = "I don't know."  Also, he said if the temp was controlled in Seattle, people wouldn't be calling to complain.

While this doesn't actually fix the problem, his explanation helped my attitude just a bit.  Turns out that most Starbucks have the AC controlled by the landlord, and most stores are in a strip mall type building, where the central air hits all stores in that building.  Often they can flip off the vents for their store, but not always.

I'm still not happy when it's cold, but he suggested contacting the District Manager for that store, rather than just mentioning it to the local crew.  Each store keeps a stack of business cards for the DM behind the counter, so I'll start that.

We will see what happens...

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