Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bunless Burgers & Lots of Waste

When you go for no bun, why do they have to go all out?

Two Buck Doubles (lo carb) from Burger King
 Just look at all the plastic.  I feel guilty ordering this stuff.

Two McDoubles (lettuce wrapped) from McDonald's
Jack In The Box does the same thing, by the way, but no picture yet.  Possibly never...


Carls' Jr is one of the only ones to still wrap it like a normal burger, in a mere sheet of paper.  I get the Big Carl, no sauce, low carb.  Just meat, cheese, and lettuce.

In-N-Out Burger also wraps it in paper AND makes the best one: the original "low carb" burger!  Just say "protein style" when you order it.  It even sounds more manly than "lettuce wrapped" or "low carb."  I go for ketchup and mustard instead of sauce, add pickles.  Extra tomatoes, please.

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