Friday, July 16, 2010

What are we gonna do?

This phrase has special meaning in Bulgaria, and is somewhat untranslatable.  Gal tells her friends that I answer with "about what?" and they all have a big laugh.

The typical situation...

Her - "What are we gonna do?"
Me - "About what?"
Her - *long pause/blank stare*
Her - "About the situation."
Me - "What situation?"
Her - "The one in which we find ourselves."
Me - *blank stare*
Her - "right now."
Me - "I love you."
Her - *blank stare*

...and we move on.

Apparently, as I'm only now just learning, after almost two years, "What are we gonna do?" is really an invitation to "Take care of the situation."  Noted.

Here are some pictures around Sofia.  As you can see, it's beautiful.

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