Friday, August 6, 2010

Making Greek Yogurt

It's so easy. It's cheaper than buying it, too.

I typically use my own homemade yogurt, but you can use yogurt from the store, just make sure there's no guar gum or other stabilizer. These things keep the yogurt from separating, and separating is actually what you want here.  I'll demonstrate with some TJ's yogurt.  It's actually really good yogurt and tastes good strained.

Follow the pics and let it drain in the fridge overnight.

Because of something called physics, you might need a bigger cup for the draining liquid, so choose accordingly. I get about a cup of liquid from two cups of yogurt, so if you strain a lot, it could overflow a small cup.

 If you have an old manual drip coffee basket, you could always use that instead of a funnel.

Fill with yogurt.

Cover with some sort of lid or plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for a few hours or overnight for very thick yogurt.

Sure, you can get more elaborate with a cheesecloth (or a bandana) and a big colander, but I don't make that much. Plus, it's a mess to clean up.  This makes just enough for a serving or two, which is enough for a treat.

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