Friday, August 13, 2010

New Program at

Most of you probably know me from, but if not, I'll point you there now.

JP's is one of the best forums on the internet for good, balanced training and nutrition advice. If you're interested in getting in shape, getting back in shape, taking up lifting, running, swimming, kettlebells, or whatever, get over there and check things out.

My forum name is Lost Dog over there, just in case it's not obvious.  You can also find Galya over there.  Her forum name is Galya (she's so creative).

So, if you're new to fitness and wondering what to do, there are tons of suggestions over there, like the New Rules of Lifting, and the New Rules of Lifting for Women, for instance.

While you might have to wait for your book to come in the mail, you don't have to wait to start getting in shape.  Gal and I wrote a program to get you going.  Check it out.  It's the Beginner's Kickstart Training Program.

JP's has some stuff for the more experienced people, too.  My friend Chris Bathke wrote a sweet program on getting fit for summer.  There's more to come, too, including a kettlebell routine by yours truly, and a nice home workout plan from Gal and me.

I hope to see you over there!

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