Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One bean salad

You've heard of Five and Three Bean Salads, right?  This is the essence of the bean.  Just. One. Bean.

One Bean Salad

Serves 1 or 2


1 can green beans
1 tbsp vinegar

fresh ground pepper
salt to taste
real or artificial sweetener (optional)


Drain the beans and put them in a bowl. Add vinegar, pepper, and sweetener (if using).  It doesn't take much, if any sweetener.  Taste the beans, and if they need salt still, add some.

Chill, if desired. 



  1. STOP stealing my recipes!

    In all seriousness, there are times I make this and times I don't. I forget about it.

    But it is pretty tasty, dead simple and quick.

    I have used wax beans as well (The yellow ones).

    Have you done this with fresh beans? I have not tried that, but fresh raw green beans with some vinegar and spices might be on the tasty side with more of that satisfying crispness.

  2. I actually use yellow wax beans in my two bean salad!

    I don't really like fresh ones. They squeak.


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