Saturday, October 9, 2010

One hour long cycle & primal challenge update

Today, I finally hit 60 minutes, straight, of the kettlebell clean and jerk.  One hour.  One long hour.

This is for Jason's One Hour Long Cycle charity event in two weeks.  The proceeds go Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, having been there, I know too much about the important work that they do for children. Please contribute by following the link and scrolling down until you find Paypal's "Donate" button.  It's easy and secure.

Back to me.  Two weeks left, so I had to make sure I could finish the hour, which I did by dropping down to a 16kg kettlebell.

It was more boring than hard, but now that it's out of the way, I'll either go faster or heavier.

the "heavier" option
It will be less boring, either way.

One funny thing.  It was so uninteresting out there that a red squirrel ran up to check out my chalk bag for a minute, then took off running. See ya, buddy!

I noticed Mark Sisson's 30 Day Challenge was over, and I did stick it out. I did not win any of the contests, despite entering lots of them.

I'm not going to change anything now that the PB Challenge is over. Paleo feels good, and keeping the non-paleo crap to under 20% is easy.

The key is to EAT MORE paleo food so that all that ice cream is still under 20%.  It's all in the percentages, baby!

I kid

But, my joke does show that you need to take responsibility for your own diet.  Don't look for the loopholes, which exist in any diet.  Don't eat a whole paleo chicken because it's cool on the diet. Despite the fact that many people find nuts satiating, if you don't, don't eat a pound because nuts are compliant.

Use your brain, you might not be counting calories, but calories do count. People who say otherwise are either wrong or dead wrong.  Coconut has a lot of calories, and swigging a can of coconut cream is more than any diet plan can bear.  Luckily, it carries its own punishment...  Try it.


  1. Hey Roland,
    My strict 30 paleo days are over, too. And guess what? It really feels good. It wasn't that hard to be strict about it (even with no dairy). And I'll be sticking to paleo food with occasional dairy & grains :)
    Good luck with the long cycle!

  2. Thanks! I'm glad it's working well for you, too.

    BTW, I DID win something. I just got the email that I won some Tonka Bars and You Bars! Cool!


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