Sunday, November 7, 2010

random recovery stuff

It's been two weeks since the first flu symptom hit me, and I'm still not 100% in some areas, most notably in the area of endurance. I do feel much better, but I get wiped out fast.

Coffee & caffeine - when I was down, I didn't have it in me to make coffee much and didn't have to stop at a coffee house to get online during the day for work, either. I didn't stay up late and sip joe, and I didn't try to get over the hump each afternoon with a cup of coffee.

My caffeine dosage has been lowered quite a bit, and I'll try to keep it down now that it's down. If YOU are trying to slow your caffeine intake and get sick, you're going to feel lousy anyway, so take advantage of that time and feel lousier for a few days, so you'll feel better later.

I did drink a lot of homemade ginger tea, masala tea, and Bulgarian Mom tea, none of which have caffeine.

Mobility - When I don't do some sort of squat movement every day, I suck. A week and a half of laying around left me feeling pretty tight.

Kelly Starrett's Mobility WOD is a cool project.

My body has so many problems to work on that I end up not working on any of them. It's overwhelming and demotivating. I don't have a solution yet. Baby steps sounds good on paper, but in practice is something I give up on.

Weight - Mine. I've been the same weight for a long, long time. I seem to have mastered maintenance for all that's worth. I dropped about 5lbs over this flu, but they came right back.

Paleo eating - When I'm sick, I do crave more carbs.  Fruit and ice cream are the notables. Meat and eggs are still cool, but it's like I took a vacation from vegetables the past two weeks. I had some great chicken vegetable soup yesterday though.

Cooking & recipes - I made a lot of food, took a lot of bad pictures, and don't have it in me to write them up yet.  I made three types of chicken broth/stock, and I do plan to write them up.  It's so easy, and many people are overwhelmed by it. Why three types? Because there are different situations, opportunities, and needs.

  • I have no broth, but want chicken soup tonight chicken broth
  • I've been eating a lot of chicken lately chicken broth
  • Waste not, want not chicken broth
I also need to make some mole sauce...  My daughter asked me to make a turkey next weekend...  Turkey mole?

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