Sunday, November 7, 2010


I don't know if video can be posted from my blackberry, but here goes!

edit - you can't post video from the blackberry. Here it is after uploading to youtube.


  1. Isn't that a chin/pullup/dip assist machine? :O Yikes. My shoulders hurt just looking at him/her in that position.

  2. people use that machine because they are not strong enough to do bodyweight pull ups or dips. this man doesn't have the abdominal strength to do traditional leg raises. he is just thinking out of the box to get some ab work in. he also has the proper safety equipment in in the form of the back brace. need to protect yourself while lifting these heavy weights.

  3. spend more than 10 minutes in a globogym and you are bound to see this kinda stuff. in fact, this gave me an idea for a website. unfortunately i would spend more time filming and less time training. question is, how do you discreetly film the offensive exercises?

  4. That might be his thinking, but the weight was not heavy. He used the same weight to do wide grip assisted pullups, and the weight he used was too light on those, too.

    Weight belts should not be used except for weights close to your 1 rep max, and then only for exercises where you can use the belt to create extra intra-abdominal pressure. Not pullups and high rep leg presses. ...and they should not just "be worn" around the gym. They create a false sense of security, when they actually provide zero for most people.


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