Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to make easy homemade kimchi and five fried eggs for lunch, in no time at all

Yesterday, I had easy homemade kimchi and five fried eggs for lunch, in no time at all.

You say... "Roland, how can I have easy homemade kimchi and five fried eggs for lunch, in no time at all?"  

easy homemade kimchi with five fried eggs


First, get some homemade kimchi. Now, fry up the five eggs and put them on the plate with your homemade kimchi. Let the eggs cool a little bit, but not too long, and eat it for lunch.


Homemade kimchi and five fried eggs

Serves 2*


2 cups homemade kimchi, divided
1 lbs nitrate or nitrite free – I can't remember which is which – bacon
10 free range omega-3 eggs, divided
Fresh ground Himalayan salt


Set the homemade kimchi aside until later.

Cook the bacon in a skillet over medium high heat. When bacon fat** has fully rendered out, spoon out one tbsp bacon fat and add it to your non-stick or well seasoned cast-iron skillet.  Discard the bacon and the remaining fat.

Heat your skillet and tablespoon of bacon fat over medium high heat. Add your ten cracked omega-3 free range eggs and cook to desired level of "done." Put the eggs, divided, onto two plates.

Add half of the kimchi to each plate and serve, salting with the Himalayan salt.

See? Easy.

* Note: the recipe is for five eggs in each serving, not in total.***
** If desired, the bacon fat can be prepared in advance.
*** Recipe can be scaled to use fewer eggs, if desired. The use of more than five eggs is not recommended unless you are hungrier.


  1. "Discard the bacon" What??? :-)

  2. That was funny. The bacon was eaten in no time - 20 pieces for Roland's 13 year old son and 2 for me.

  3. Ok smart guy, where do I get the homemade kimchi

  4. So... how'dja make the homemade kimchee?

  5. You get homemade kimchi from your friend's Korean grandma, in this case. Many asian markets and some larger supermarkets have GREAT kimchi, just beware the msg!

    This was inspired by Steve Martin's skit "How to become a millionaire and NEVER pay taxes!" First, get a million dolllars...

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