Sunday, June 5, 2011

As part of a balanced breakfast...

My version of a balanced breakfast includes this coconut cereal, plus a couple of eggs on the side. ...maybe some bacon or sausage. I'll eat my veggies at lunch time, thank you.

This grain free version of cereal looks a lot like corn flakes, but tastes wonderfully coconuty and chews up nicely. It's very satisfying and filling.

Coconut "cereal & milk"

serves 1 or 2


1 oz (about 1 cup) Tropical Traditions coconut chips *
1/2 cup strawberries
coconut milk, coconut cream, milk, half & half, cream, etc.
Stevia (optional)


In a dry pan, toast the coconut chips over medium high heat. Keep shaking and stirring so the chips brown, but don't burn. Transfer the chips to a bowl or bowls to cool a bit.

Wash, stem, and slice the strawberries.

If your "milk" is too thick, you can dilute it a bit. 

If using stevia, stir it into the milk and stir. Stevia tends to leave little super sweet pockets of sweetness, so mix well.

Top your cereal with the strawberries, then pour in the "milk."


* shredded coconut works, too. It's just not as satisfying to eat.

Coconut Chips

You may find the chips from other sources, but Tropical Traditions makes really good ones, for a very reasonable price. They are just dried coconut, and nothing else.


  1. I really like them toasted :)Good job mixing them with the super sweet strawberries, delicious!

  2. This looks amazing. I'm ordering some of those coconut chips now.

  3. Delish! I just made this and added some slivered almonds to the coconut while toasting and some fresh blueberries to give it more sweetness. I did cut the thickness of the coconut milk with some almond milk and that helped. My one year old gobbled it up, too! Thanks for the recipe :)

  4. It's great news that kids like it, too! Nothing like starting them off early and the best choices!

    Almonds is a good addition, too! :)



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