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Review of Dan John's FREE Coyote Point KB Club PDF

Not just free, but super-free! 

What's the difference between free and super-free? Super free is actually free. 

It's sad that we have elaborate on the word "free," but these days, "free" comes with hair. Free with purchase isn't really free, and it's certainly not super-free. Super-free is not one of the many bonuses (or is it boni?) you get with your $79 fat loss program purchase to bring the perceived value to over $1012. Free gift... redundant. A gift is free or it's not a gift. 

This is a super-free gift, or a super-gift even. This is super-free because it's just there for the taking. Dan [virtually] says "here," take it. So take it. Free of charge. Super free and no charge!

Review of Dan John's Coyote Point KB Club super-free pdf

I love Dan John. I'll let you decide which kind of love, but you should love him, too. When I started to write this review, I originally wrote "when I first met Dan John," but it turns out that I've only met Dan once. It seems like more. I feel like it must have been more. Weird.

Dan's a great and knowledgeable guy, and has taught me a ton in just that one meeting, plus his articles, books, and videos, and finally via some very generous-with-his-time phone conversations. Thanks, Dan!

Coyote Point KB Club is more than just a book or article, it's a club. Up in the Bay Area, there's a park, apparently, called Coyote Point. The story is in the book, but the gist is it's a weekly gathering of like minded people, getting together to train.

From the introduction...
The coyote Point Kettlebell Club represents the finest mix of humanity ever gathered! Or, perhaps, it represents a great group of people who get together once a week to work out, train and enjoy delicious food together. It is a community of people that have bonded by shared interests, ideally the perfection of the human physique, but, more likely, the excellent sandwiches.
In a similar vein, my friends Chris, Aya, Scott, Shabnam, Pete, Tony, Galya, and I regularly took up space at Santa Monica's Yahoo! Park every Tuesday night at 8pm. Often joined by guests, passersby, and friends flying in on short business trips, we religiously played around at this little park each week. We dragged our kettlebells, battling ropes, sandbells, rings, dogs, a powerwheel, and a trx from many, many miles just to train as a group for an hour or two each week.

It was awesome, and we all got closer, learned a lot, and got in better shape.

Santa Monica's Yahoo! Park
Last year, my good friend Chris Bathke picked up and left for Portland, OR. His good reason was to start up the most awesome and beautiful gym you can imagine at Elemental Fitness Lab, but still, he left... At about the same time, I moved from Torrance to Rancho Santa Margarita, and the result was more gym time and no more group training.

The Coyote Point KB Club is a good, if painful, reminder of many things:
  • Training outdoors is more valuable than it could possible look on paper
  • Training with a group is more valuable than it could possible sound
  • Unless you're training for something very specific, your training doesn't have to be so rigid that you can't get out there and have fun
  • It's time to get another group together

What I liked
  • super-free
  • thought starter
  • smart programming
  • it balances mobility, stretching, strength, power, and the kind of endurance that I like (e.g., not running)
  • it's specific enough to follow and get in some great training
  • it's vague enough to allow you do whatever you need to do, instead
  • a great learning tool
  • it encourages you to find, join, or even make your own club

What I don't like
  • The word "kettlebell" or "kb" in the title could make a non-comprehender think you need kettlebells to get out there and train, but you can use anything; dumbbells, sandbags, rocks, logs, kettlebells, trx, rings, trees, chinup bars, monkey bars, hills, etc.
  • every week that I don't do something to start my own group is another week that I feel like I missed out, which I did

On Dan John's web site,, Dan's got a ton of free stuff, including the PDF I'm writing about today: Coyote Point KB Club.  After you're impressed with this thing, go check out the other freebies in the right column, not to mention the articles. Finally, go buy Dan's books, like Never Let Go, and products. It's all good stuff, as you'll see by all the great reviews over at JPFitness.

This review is OVER, but check this out when you have some time. 

In this Fitcast video, Kevin captured Dan John at the LA Strength and Nutrition Seminar a few years back. You can see me learning to "squat," plus Chris Bathke from Elemental Fitness Lab, and John Berardi of Precision Nutrition. Fun stuff from the past!

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