Monday, August 22, 2011

The effect of training on diet

I have no scientific basis for this. There's no "true fact" here. Observational, possibly correlation, possibly excuses...

I've been hitting the kettlebell training pretty hard. Not for strength, but for time. The One Hour Long Cycle is coming up, and I must be prepared!

Saturday, I made it up to 30 minutes of Clean and Jerk with the 24kg kettlebell. Then I "collapsed" on the floor of my garage...

Sunday, I took a break from the kettlebells to do some standup paddling around Dana Point Harbor with Galya.

We hit up the Hummingbird House Cafe, which is a Bulgarian (masquerading as Greek) restaurant. I was starving, and I get a lot of food there.

shopska salad
bob s lutenitsa (salad with huge beans)
I was full, but after another hour, I had to eat more food. A banana at Trader Joe's, then at home, curry, then too many of these sweet potato desserts that Gal is testing out, much of my daughter's ice cream, a can of tuna, an apple, some nuts, some cheese, and some misc stuff that's too much to remember.

I chalk it down to training hard, and this morning I feel fine, but if you find yourself eating out of control or merely with ongoing ridiculous hunger levels, look to your activity levels, not necessarily your diet.

Eat to support your activity, but make sure your activity levels don't undermine your eating, too.


  1. i always am much more hungry on training days and i don't do the volume like you.

  2. typically, I'm very hungry the day after all the training, but it hasn't been too bad.

    The volume is just ramping up, though! :)


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