Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On packaged food nutrition... trust, but verify

I stopped in at the local Mediterranean market for some produce and lunch, yesterday. While I was there, I picked up a few jars of Bulgarian "relish;" lutenitza and guvetch. I'd never tried guvetch, which is an eggplant, tomato, misc veggie, and pepper relish, slow cooked forever, with sunflower oil. I'm not a fan of sunflower oil, but since the jar has 5 servings and only 1g of fat per, this isn't a huge problem when eaten in moderation. It looked pretty good!

At home, I pull the jar out and Gal snatches it up. "Back in Bulgaria, this stuff is made with soooo much oil."

"Not this one," I said, "Only 5g in the jar." I point to the nutrition label.

She opens it up and dips a spoon inside, scooping up an easy teaspoon of oil and looks at me, smugly.

"This is more than 5g right here, and this is just the stuff floating on top..." she states. She makes a little hole in the super thick relish, and we watch yellowish oil flow quickly into to the hole. This stuff has tablespoons of sunflower oil...

I will continue to eat my foreign foods, but it's good to keep in mind that not all manufacturers are careful and accurate. Treat is like you would a trip to a restaurant, eat it (like most foods) in moderation, and learn to spot the signs that make it too good to be true.

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