Monday, December 5, 2011

Good morning

My goal of slowly getting my weight back above 200lbs was reached a few weeks back, and I continued things up to 203. Time to rein it in, so last Monday I stopped eating more and started eating less. I have never been an abs guy, but I can do with shedding a little bit of fat (and the wife returns on the 11th).

The plan

  1. train for kettlebell sport
  2. walk more
  3. eat less junk
  4. eat less food
  5. lift weights twice a week

Numbers 1, 3, 4, and 5 are good to go. Number 2 made me look at my fitbit numbers. Not good. I gotta get those up, and fast. Not that I can lose a lot of fat before 3:05pm NEXT SUNDAY, but every gram counts. I use grams because they are smaller than ounces, so I have a much better chance. Plus, Gal speaks metric, so I hope she notices a few grams, at least.

In the past, Gal and I have joked like the fitbit was a little pet, and we have a responsibility to walk the little dude. So, after I noticed that I'd let my fitbit battery die, I charged it back up and looked on fitbit dashboard. I found that my numbers this last week were pathetic. This must change, so after my kettlebell sport training yesterday, I put some stew stuff in the crockpot and hit the road to Trader Joe's (rather than eat misc stuff around the house), stupidly leaving the fitbit on the base station.

Even after the walk, my numbers were bad, since the fitbit was still on the base station. It's frustrating, but good to remember that the record of the walk isn't the walk; the walk is the walk.

The positives were walking (of course), a podcast, not eating because I was smelling the food that wasn't yet ready, and noticing my feet have improved! While walking, I looked down at my feet, which infamously have pointed out like a duck's feet. Only they weren't like duck's feet, last night! Things are better!

Here, I stopped to take a picture of my feet, standing.

both of my feet

It's not the same as walking, but this is about the same foot angle, but with slightly less movement. And, since I also stand like a duck and tend to come to a halt with feet angled out (like a duck), this is a huge step up.

Gotta go. Time to walk the fitbit before it has an accident on my floor.


  1. Hey, you're a brother duckfoot? I feel a little less lonely.

  2. I'm a toe walker, too. You?

    I still have a little bounce, but when I get nervous...


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