Friday, July 27, 2012

So, what's going on?

"What are you waiting for?" you might ask.

I've made all sorts of semi or pre-announcements, here and on JPFitness, yet we continue to hold off on actually putting our stuff "out there." Here are the excuses. Here's the backstory!

Man on Top

The book is as done as we (Galya and I) can make it without a little help.

The cover design is beautiful, and we are awaiting some final touches to it before publishing. For a sneak peak, take a look here.

I said we could only go so far without help, and suddenly we got a little extra help. A pre-reader finished the book and had some questions, which led to some suggestions, which convinced me to make a few small changes. It's all good stuff, and in the blessing-in-disguise department, it also gave our cover designer time to revamp a few things, and Galya time to take a break from the book process and go on an internship; learning some amazing stuff! More on that, later...

The book is coming soon, and I think you're going to love it. If you want more info, sign up for the book announcements on the upper right of this site, where it says "Sign up for upcoming news on the new book!"

The Fit Ink


The Fit Ink is a the name of our newest project. TheFitInk isn't just a place on the internet, nor are Galya and I merely, collectively, TheFitInk; I think it's going to be greater than the sum of its parts, plus many more awesome clich├ęs! Gal and I will be writing there, together and individually, and we're really excited about this thing.

Galya and I have been looking forward to writing together more and more; after talking about it for years. We have another book in the works, along with many article and blog ideas. This new site isn't just a consolidation of our two sites, but a substantive change in voice (at least for me), which allows us to drop some old blog habits, practices, and inhibitions, leaving behind some of the past. For me, my diary-style blogging history tended to keep me from writing more about nutrition and fitness. My old blog started as a journal, before I knew much about nutrition and fitness, and was merely a place to practice writing.

Galya and I, along with our good friend Sean, worked long and hard to come up with a website that's nice to look at, easy to manage, and flexible for the future. Sean did a great job meeting our requirements, and we are very happy with it (and him).

So why the delay? Well, you want everything to be perfect before you spread the word, but we're not perfect people... I'm something of an irregular guy. I'm happy, for example, to shop in an outlet store, where they feature clothes that are also "irregular." Galya, who's more normal, would have likely been happy to "just start," back when the site was more or less ready. Oh well, now we're both ready.

The Fit Ink Team can be found at, starting now, even before the official launch. To get updates, you can subscribe there now, or just watch this blog, Galya's blog, and Facebook for updates. We have some fun things coming, including some giveaways, prizes, and contests.

The No-Time-To-Workout Workout


The number one reason I hear for not working out, is lack of time. Workouts take too long, the gym is too far away, home gym equipment is too expensive, ugly, or takes up too much room! Hey, I'm no different; when I get busy, I not only don't train, but I feel guilty about it, which spurs my desire to emotionally eat! Not good. Not good.

Well, finally, I decided to do something about it and write myself a program that would meet my current requirements. But, after a few chats with other busy guys and gals, I decided to take it a step further and actually write it down in a way that others could use, too. I've even tested this baby myself, so I know it's working.

Here's the gist of the program:
  • Free
  • Short and sweet
  • 20-30 minutes per session, including warmups!
  • Home or gym friendly.
  • Photos and descriptions of all the exercises
  • Train as little as twice a week, using short full body workouts
  • Train in as little as 30 minutes, and get great results
  • Requires just one adjustable dumbbell, although if you have a set  of dumbbells, that works great!
  • Fits your schedule, since you can do these short 20-30 minute workouts from 2 to 5 days per week
  • A lunch hour workout is now possible, even with a shower!
I could just paste the workout in and leave you to it, but instead, you'll get the system, with pictures, explanations, and tracking forms, plus tips and tricks to make the most of your valuable training time.

It's almost ready to go, so keep a lookout for it! Comment, email me, or let me know on facebook if you want the heads up when it's ready, okay?

Congratulations to a new Precision Nutrition Coach


Congratulations to my good friend Chris Bathke, owner of Elemental Fitness Lab, in Portland, OR! Chris owns an amazing fitness studio, trains people the smart way, spins vintage and modern vinyl for his clients as they train, and as of last Sunday is a certified Precision Nutrition Coach!

Welcome to Precision Nutrition, Chris! Congratulations!

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