Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Steal Like An Artist

The wife came back from San Fran yesterday, and brought be a cool little gift from an actual bookstore (we don't have them here anymore, it seems).

It was an independent bookstore, even!

With non-Starbucks coffee inside.

Steal Like an Artist

Steal Like an Artist, by Austin Kleon. (here's more about the author)

The book is 6x6" 'bathroom book' format, which is strangely perfect right now because I'm actually writing a bathroom book (It's simmering on the back burner for other projects, right now).

The book is great, and inspirational for any artist or wannabe artist, and is full of quotes, quips, simple graphics, and humor. It's also available on Kindle, but I find it hard to believe it would be as useful, but who knows.

Perfect (and perfect timing)

This book could not have come at a better time, as I constantly doubt my plots, stories, and characters and their 'originality.' Down deep, I know "there is nothing new under the sun," but I do try to make them my own.

This book is not a license to steal, but it is permission to write.


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