Friday, November 15, 2013

Anyone out there?

I know, I told you to go away, then told you I was 'back' but different, then I proved I was the same guy NOT posting before I said I was back by once again NOT posting.

What a bag of mixed messages I am.

I can get worse yet please don't go away...

Here's the deal: My ramble on what's what with Roland

  • When I switched to writing about fitness, I thought that was all I needed, but I was wrong. I need to write to write, not just write to teach. I also need to write differently than I have been recently. I need to go back in time, figuratively of course, to when I just wrote and was happy to let the chips fall where they may.
  • I've been so busy writing and working on 'serious shit' that I've neglected to 'just write.'
  • I feel called to write fiction, like I used to do in the olden days, when computers were just black screens with green, glowing letters. I wrote scripts and short stories on a mainframe computer (which, unfortunately, didn't have diskettes, so I have nothing of them anymore).
  • It wasn't really a mainframe computer, but no one knows what Prime is, aside from Optimus Prime. Plus, it's not important unless you know what Prime Computer was. If you do, you probably know me, because it was a small world.
  • I was recently reminded that about six years ago I took an online job aptitude test and it told me I should be a romance book writer. This is serious shit, people.
  • My ramble is almost over...
  • Assuming I do knock out some fiction, I wonder if I should have a fake author name (pseudonym is too hard to spell), because my book ideas aren't even remotely fitness related. It wouldn't be a secret name, but just a way to differentiate myself on Amazon.
  • As far as names and personalities go, ironically I probably try to sound more manly when I write fiction books; I mean look at what's on this blog, people. Chick flicks and Regina Spektor? It might have been better to have a fake name over in the fitness world, but that ship has sailed...
  • I'm a touchy feely guy, which is what this blog let me put out there. I plan to put a lot of that down into words that become books and short stories, even if it takes a while (I only have so much time, and vampires and emo robots won't write themselves (although in my forthcoming sci-fi vampire robot series, they might)).
  • We saw About Time the other night, and loved it.

  • Now, ramble over.


  1. If you use a different name, you can always make it sort of similar to your real name. Maybe something like Royce Denson or something along those lines.

  2. We're out there! Little dog found, should be your new name.

  3. thanks!

    cwc, I've used Lost Dog all over the internet since 2001 (starting on Deja News), but I stopped using it most places a couple of years ago and going with my real name most places. I kinda miss it...

    Jodi, I'm considering initials instead of first name. Not my real initials, because I don't like the way RJ Denzel sounds. I'll make some up, I think. One benefit is that I can go with a gender neutral name, which doesn't make a difference to people who know me, but might help on Amazon, which is its own entity.


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