Monday, November 4, 2013

You are my sweetest downfall

The love of my life doesn't get the music I love.

I think she gets the music I like (Pink Floyd, Rush, ELO, etc) even if she doesn't agree with my choices. I also think that if she knew the depth of the music I listen to she would leave me or turn her own music waaaay up. Yes, I like Deep Purple. Yes, I like Blue Oyster Cult (that's right, I do!). Most of the Moody Blues, two songs by Jefferson Airplane, and one by Jefferson Starship.

Even though I'm sure she'd wrinkle her nose at much of the above list, she gets it. Most of it, anyway.

There's a place where we find common ground; I also like The Killers, The White Stripes, Feist, and Gorillaz, and while those might not be her favorites, we both like them enough to listen without headphones.

What she doesn't get is the Tristan Prettymans, Missy Higgins, and Regina Spektors. To her, I think all their voices, sounds, songs, and stories are the same (like every Jack Johnson song).

I like music, books, songs, and stories where people talk a lot, tell stories, fall in love, have hard choices, hearts get broken, people are rescued at the last moment, and (despite the happy ending) not everyone wins.

Yes, there are guys singing about these things, but why listen to a guy when you can listen to a girl?

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