Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday Beach Ramble

You'd think that the Sand Challenge AFTER the refeed would be good, but no. I felt a little queesy at one point. I recovered, though. Kicked a little ass, but not as much as the last time.

30 Minute Beach Cleanup was afterward. Justin (the boot camp leader) is behind that, too. The were tons of people. Picked up a lot of trash. I won nothing in the raffle.

Somewhere there are pictures of me with Miss Long Beach.

I told some girl, who's the local leader of a running group, that I'd show up for a 5 mile run, 6:30pm Monday. That won't go well. But, I have to run sometime, right. 10Ks don't train themselves...

The sun's out for a while, so I'm camped out on the beach. Veggin' out for a bit. But I am getting hungry. I don't care how healthy they say their food is, Wild Oats brought out a whole table of 'healthy foods' that I had to pass on. I'll let the other 30 Minute Cleanup people eat that crap (I did have an apple and trail mix with no added sweeteners, though. 30 minutes later, it's like I had nothing...)

If you haven't listened to the latest Fitcast, do so. Not that strength, size, and brains are mutually exclusive, but Dave Tate is a smart guy. I'd never heard him talk before. Common sense and funny, too. Everyone knows Berardi's smart, so blah blah blah.

I just caught up on all the fitcasts, and this random mode isn't cutting it for my music mp3s.

This is one good weekend. Started on Friday at around 3:30, with an early start to the weekend with a friend, one of the best workouts in a while, sleep that was solid, now a Saturday that's going great.

Ramble over.

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