Thursday, October 2, 2008

Free Range Ramble (not enough gusto for a true rant)

It's not what you think... 

I heard at least four different people today talk about how we're letting our politicians/government have "free range" with our money.  The phrase must have been in the news...

This is not a political point, it's a a grammatical one.  It's "free reign," morons. 

Free range is the freedom to wander about.  Mostly eating and not in a cage.

Free reign is the freedom to go where you like. Do what you want.

Free range chickens have free reign to wander about the yard..

Semantics, I guess.  You could make an arguement that either works, but you'd just be defending a mistake.  "Yeah, yeah.  I meant to do that."


  1. They're hippy chickens, man. Free reign. Feel the love.

  2. You make me laugh. I'd like to be free range actually!!! :)

  3. interesting - I would have said free rein - like with a horse that you let go where it wants - free reining
    but free reign - I sort of assumed all reigning was rather free - but I'm not in a monarchy so I could be mistaken -


  4. Damn. You're right. I have to rewrite this whole freakin' blog post now. :D

    Reign, range, rein. I was wrong. Chickens have free rein, not reign. Crap.

    Welcome back, Lisa!


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