Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blog Tag

Weeks ago, both Michael and Hal tagged me in the blog version of the chain letter, where we get to share seven things and share the pain with seven more bloggers.

The Rules:
  • Link back to the person  who tagged you
  • Share 7 random or weird facts about yourself
  • Tag 7 people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs
  • Let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog
1.  So far, I haven't been able to tell the difference between good, great, and what I would think are probably barely passable wines.  Set it in front of me and I'll like it, though.  Pick any wine that you like.  And if I ever show up with something impressive, rest assured that I either asked my friend Dave at Trader Joe's which one to buy or picked the bottle at CostCo with the highest number.  If those aren't possible, then must have googled from my phone.

2.  Most of my best friends are chicks.  They don't have to be the super girly kind, but they better kick ass, have attitude and some balls or they're out.  Then, they can be girly.

And on the other hand, if you're a guy who's my friend, you're probably gay.  You just don't want to admit it...   I kid...  I like guys as friends, but I have a hard time with the standard guy -- unlike many of them I don't hoot at women as I'm driving down the road, sports bore me, I've never Dutch-ovened anyone, and the question of whether to shave down there or not is something I keep to myself.

3.  I have sometimes abused my "cooking powers" to get girls.  Most people associate food, touch, pleasure, scents, tastes, sex, and love with one another.  They are linked, so when I talk about food in a certain way, you (assuming you're a girl) probably know what I'm really talking about, but maybe not...  But then maybe you talk back without slapping my face, and pretty soon it's too late; I'm in!  It seems devious or sneaky, but then I remind myself that even girls suggested that I use it to my advantage.  So I'm good with it.  Everyone has an approach or a line, right?  Mine is food.  It feels like it's The Force, sometimes.  Which side of The Force?  That's up to the girl.

4. I'm a big fan of perfume.  On me and on others.  I hate when it's too much, so I only wear a little, so it stays very close.  Usually, only I can smell it.  I don't abuse the perfume thing.  Like I said, I keep it close.  If you can smell it, it's probably too late.

5. I know practically nothing about music and end up in musical ruts all the time.  Classical and jazz are wonderful background music, and that's all.

I rely on those around me to introduce me to new music.  Even then, I find one song at a time that I like, and the rest of the CD never gets heard more than a couple of times.  The last two new CDs that I bought and actually like to listen to?  Spoon's Ga Ga Ga (etc etc) and Tristan Prettyman's Twentythree.  The former from hearing a clip on JP's forum, the later because I thought she was cute on the cover as I was walking through Tower Records.  Yes, it sounds like elements to a truly solid system, but it sometimes fails me.  I have tried both methods again, and failed miserably multiple times.

I did just get a bunch of songs from The Killers.  I'm wondering if I like them because the guy really can't sing, rather than despite that fact.  Seriously, check out the live stuff on youtube.  *shudder*

6.  I'm a horrible photographer, despite the years of classes.  I recently went through my old portfolios, looking for the good ones.  I wonder what happened to them?  Someone replaced them with crappy ones behind my back.  This is why you see few pics here.  I'm okay with snapshots, but my digital camera is so huge (and not all that great, anyway), so I don't like to carry it around.  Another reason you see few pics here.

7.  When I was 13, I woke up with a crippling pain in my left side.  I had a fever.  I could barely stand up.  My mother took me to the doctor, where the nurse and doctor thought it must be appendicitis, so they got me into an exam room very quickly.  I waited about five minutes, and then the pain was suddenly gone and the fever was down.  There must be a specific feeling to your abdomen when you have appendicitis, and the doctor couldn't find it, so after 30 minutes, I went home.

We got home, and stepfather #1 was home from work and lying on the couch.  He had the same symptoms, and my mom thought it must be some sort of food poisoning from last night's dinner.  My stepdad tried to wait it out, but a few hours later, my mom took him to the doctor, too.  Two hours later, she called me from the hospital, where he was having emergency surgery for his appendicitis.

Maybe it was just a coincidence, but I do have other (if less interesting) coincidences like this a few times a year.

There, that's all I got.  My seven tagged peeps are below, but just be be clear, if it's not your thing, don't sweat it.  Nothing bad will happen if you don't play along.  There's no bad luck associated with this chain letter.

My birthday twin, shy one year, Julie just needs a reason to blog more.  Just a little more.  Just this one time, at least. My Slice Of Heaven On Earth

Sheila - Tons of common sense at Live Well 360°, but we could use a few more details or scandals between the common sense and good recipes.

Aoife - Her blog name indicates boredom...  So, this can give her something new to alleviate it. 

Galya - She's got two.  One's total gibberish and unreadable here in civilization.  ...and the 2nd is in Bulgarian.

Andrea @ Duke City Food - My brother lives in Albuquerque, I've had friends there, and I love the place.  I like the reviews because they have a ton of personality and make you want to go and share the same experience.  BECAUSE, eating out isn't just about the food, or even a beautiful atmosphere, sometimes it's about the experience and the emotions and rituals.  If you don't get that, then you just don't, and a hot dog from a cart, or a diner cup of coffee will never be a joy to you, and that's sad, even though you're looking down on me right now for even thinking that I'm looking down on you, only I'm not, I pity you.  :D  Not really.  But, just a little?  Naw, you're good.

Ben @ No Magic Pill - Now Ben, just to be clear, it's not seven hundred things and it can't be seventy links, either.  ;)  Seven things.  Period.

Joe @ Morning Cup of Joe - Joe's got these videos with blood and stuff.  His blood, of course.  He's a big, bad powerlifter, with a capital P.  So that's Powerlifter.  But, he's also a motivational guy, like Tony Robbins with blood and a hugely strong posterior chain.  He's funny and smart.  Smart and pretty.  What more can you ask from a fitness blogger who has good common sense?


  1. Ya know, I stopped visiting MySpace in large part because of this very thing :P

  2. ^^^Now THAT'S interesting, publishing my WordPress username...

  3. You've never Dutch-ovened anyone?? ;-)

    Ok, ok, you want scandal, eh?? Alright, give me a few days. I am in...


  4. Shouldn't the coffee connoisseur in you carry over to wine?

    You would think that if your can detect subtle flavor differences in a liquid, then you can detect subtle flavor differences in another liquid.

  5. Without Michael I'm sure I'd still be stuck on "Like a Prayer" by Madonna. Thank goodness for his taste in music! Don't get me wrong, I love music, I'm just not very adventuresome nor do I take time to try things out.

  6. Coffee and wine don't carry over very well in this context, but Roland is a wonderful chocolate connoisseur, something he rarely mentions, because he even doesn't like the stuff.

    On another note, on the whole tagged thing...and the whole gibberish thing..you are so dead, my dear.

  7. jeezh! you make me sound pretty damn cool. I want to meet me now.

    lemme get to work on this one.


  8. For some very weird reason I just found this post! Thank you for the kind words about my reviews, and I hope your brother is still here and enjoying our awesome city.

    If he's any where near as sweet and interesting as you, I should nail him down for coffee. :-)


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