Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Free Lunch?

I'm eating two Big Macs and a large Diet Coke. In the booth next to me, there's another man eating two Big Macs and a large soda. I'm 6'1", 185lbs, and 7-9% body fat. He's my height, fat, and about 100lbs heavier than me.

I know what I think of him. But what's he think of me? Bet he doesn't know that I pulled out the middle buns and sauce, or that it's a diet drink, or that this is my first meal of the day, or that I'm working out later, or that I'm only having one more meal today.

Bet he thinks I'm that guy who's just like him, but can eat anything and stay lean. Only that guy doesn't exist.

There's no free lunch, especially when it's served with special sauce.


  1. I am so proud of you I have to comment first. Oh and thanks for Google Reader.

  2. Lookin' pretty handsome there in your new pic!! You look so happy...wonder why??? ha!


  3. Great writing, dude. It's definitely true.


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